Sound Masking Systems

Not all sound masking systems are the same! This is why ours is better!

Philm Gear offers Utah’s best sound masking systems. Our sound masking systems and solutions meet and exceed standards. There are two ways this is measured: How well the system creates and maintains speech privacy and how comfortable you are with the sound. (You don’t even notice it’s there)

Our sound masking systems have both individualized and central speaker control, so the system is customized for your space with sound uniformity that doesn’t require re-tuning. Not all systems have this feature, causing hot spots where the sound is intrusive, or cold spots where speech isn’t entirely masked.

We cover 100% of your space versus some which can only cover up to 80% compromising comfort and quality.


Did you know that?

A 2013 study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology found that workers frustrated by distractions in an open-plan environment exhibited poorer work performance. Nearly half of the surveyed workers in open offices said the lack of sound privacy was a significant problem for them.


As a result, more than two-thirds of U.S. employees are unhappy with noise levels at work, and 53% say other people disturb them when they try to focus, according to a 2013 survey by global design firm Gensler


Noise truly is an issue. More than half of those surveyed reported being disturbed by others when trying to focus and only one in four employees said their office environment fostered both collaboration and individual concentration. 

Increase Privacy = Increase Productivity

Installing  a Sound Masking System in your space is proven to increase productivity. Studies show an increase of 3 to 20% in productivity per employee giving you an immediate return on your investment.

Sound Masking means people can focus less on each other and the noise and more on their work.


Protect Your Conference Rooms and Private Conversations

Sound Masking also ensures that conversations happening in Conference, Huddle Rooms and the CEO’s office are not overheard. Stop snoopers and eavesdroppers from hearing things that are none of their business.