We had a wonderful experience with Philm Gear, Inc. Thanks to their expertise, our medical broadcast went smoothly and successfully. Quality was amazing, very reliable and locked down security. They were well trained in all the latest tech and had answers providing the right solutions and needs. They were extremely responsive and helpful. I would highly recommend Philm Gear and their team.

Andrew StraubBlue Eyed ProductionsNew York

Philm Gear has helped me with many video technology solutions and advice. Philm Gear has consistently worked to deliver what I need on time and on budget. I appreciate their professionalism.

John CrossmanVice President of Media DevelopmentSchool Improvement Network

Philm Gear always knows the right gear for the job and how to run and maintain it. Additionally, Philm Gear helped me in setting up a broadcast studio and servicing our production equipment. I highly recommend Philm Gear for your video equipment needs.

Rhea GavryDirector-Writer-Producer-EditorGavry & Monroe Productions, LLC

Excellent service, went the extra mile to get what we needed on time and in budget.

Dave WestlingAudio Visual TechnicianMarriott Hotels

Philip has been great to work with and I would recommend Philm Gear to anyone with A/V needs

Utah Valley UniversityDirector Media Services &Engineering at Utah Valley University

Philm Gear, Inc. was a key provider for us as we produced a full-length feature film and also several film shorts. The Philm Gear Team was always very current with the trends of the film industry in all its aspects—and even had a good sense of where the industry was headed. They treated me as a good friend, interested in our success and our budget! Knowledgeable, personable, and skilled, Philm Gear made a difference in so very many ways, and I highly recommend them.

Charles CranneyDigital Production Manager at BYU Publications & Graphics

Philm Gear is great to work with. They are creative and have a wealth of technical film-making knowledge. I would definitely recommend Philm Gear for any job that revolves around film-making and production.

Mike Higgins

Philm Gear was instrumental for setting up our video recording studio. We were producing hundreds of lessons a year and needed a setup that allowed us to shoot with as little post-work as possible. We also did a lot of webcasting. Philm Gear came out to our location as often as necessary to get the job done. When we called, they were there. And we weren’t easy clients to please! Exceptional, personalized service.

Rowley RandyDirector of Learning and Performance at Miller Automotive Operations

If you’ve never been at the end of your rope with nowhere to turn and Philip hasn’t stepped out of the abyss to save your bacon, you haven’t worked in the film business long enough. One of the most honest, personable, knowledgeable and get-it-done people I know. The service and equipment are excellent and Philip will always take the time to show you how to turn it on and do it’s magic. The non-tech savvy need not be afraid. He’ll turn you into an expert right on the spot. He is an amazingly good man and someone you need to know if you are in the business of making movies.

Michael KarrPrincipal, Seen by Scene Communications Emmy® Winning Film Producer

Philm Gear is always up to date on new gear. Great knowledge of equipment they are selling. Works with your specific needs.

Dale GreenProduction Director at Brigham Young University