Film and Video Production

The Right Gear Allowing Flawless Creativity Workflow

Get the essential Cinema, Broadcast and POV high-performance cameras for film and video production. Streamline your post production process. Reliable products recommended for each unique set-up.


live production – perfect for talk shows – sitcoms and broadcast news in the studio – or even live concerts and sporting events. The latest in RED – Panasonic – Blackmagic – Sony and more – everything you need for a live production rig – cameras for News Stations – TV Studios – Corporate AV Departments Schools and more.

Monitors & Display

touch screen capable LCD panels – innovate the way you navigate menus and monitor in the field – viewfinder with color-accurate image and compact form-factor- additional computational support for one video stream and concurrent proxy and raw recording – compressed recording – full professional recording.


media safely recorded onto a stable medium – essential speed and stabile media systems – storage multiple storage capacities – impressive data rates – improved longevity and security in the field.

Rigging and Mounts

support technology and design – the latest generation of mounting and rail components – ergonomic solutions that enhance the performance of our cameras – newly designed rigs – quick-rail compliant hardware – shoulder supports and mounting hardware to extend camera versatility.

Shared Storage and Asset Management

data is easy to tag – find and manage – users can simultaneously access files without the need to transfer the files to a local workstation – workflow flexibility.

Production Equipment

lenses for every camera – cords – power options – matte boxes – lighting and more.

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Philm Gear, Inc. was a key provider for us as we produced a full-length feature film and also several film shorts. The Philm Gear Team was always very current with the trends of the film industry in all its aspects—and even had a good sense of where the industry was headed. They treated me as a good friend, interested in our success and our budget! Knowledgeable, personable, and skilled, Philm Gear made a difference in so very many ways, and I highly recommend them.
Charles CranneyDigital Production Manager at BYU Publications & Graphics

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