Film and Video Production

The Right Gear Allowing Flawless Creativity Workflow

Get the essential Cinema, Broadcast and POV high-performance cameras for film and video production. Streamline your post production process. Reliable products recommended for each unique set-up.


live production – perfect for talk shows – sitcoms and broadcast news in the studio – or even live concerts and sporting events. The latest in RED – Panasonic – Blackmagic – Sony and more – everything you need for a live production rig – cameras for News Stations – TV Studios – Corporate AV Departments Schools and more.

Monitors & Display

touch screen capable LCD panels – innovate the way you navigate menus and monitor in the field – viewfinder with color-accurate image and compact form-factor- additional computational support for one video stream and concurrent proxy and raw recording – compressed recording – full professional recording.


media safely recorded onto a stable medium – essential speed and stabile media systems – storage multiple storage capacities – impressive data rates – improved longevity and security in the field.

Rigging and Mounts

support technology and design – the latest generation of mounting and rail components – ergonomic solutions that enhance the performance of our cameras – newly designed rigs – quick-rail compliant hardware – shoulder supports and mounting hardware to extend camera versatility.

Shared Storage and Asset Management

data is easy to tag – find and manage – users can simultaneously access files without the need to transfer the files to a local workstation – workflow flexibility.

Production Equipment

lenses for every camera – cords – power options – matte boxes – lighting and more.

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If you’ve never been at the end of your rope with nowhere to turn and Philip hasn’t stepped out of the abyss to save your bacon, you haven’t worked in the film business long enough. One of the most honest, personable, knowledgeable and get-it-done people I know. The service and equipment are excellent and Philip will always take the time to show you how to turn it on and do it’s magic. The non-tech savvy need not be afraid. He’ll turn you into an expert right on the spot. He is an amazingly good man and someone you need to know if you are in the business of making movies.
Michael KarrPrincipal, Seen by Scene Communications Emmy® Winning Film Producer

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