About our team

The Philm Gear Team are passionate experts in the Audio Video Industry. We offer personalized, guided research and customized solutions for your A/V needs and assemble affordable packages that get you everything you want. We give you the Knowledge, Products, Installation, Services and Training you need to make your A/V Solution simple and easy to use. We are experts in our industry. We know what’s out there and what’s coming out. We’ve built relationships with the vendors and manufacturers of the products we sell and rent. Our connections to more than 300 brands mean customized service for you and your project, no matter the size or scope. Our intimate knowledge of product, combined with a knack for creative implementation makes us the number-one equipment resource for universities, churches, businesses and other organizations with large multi-media needs and services, including rentals. Our team serves the specific purpose to make sure your investment is worth jumping up and down in joy for. We make getting geared up simple and make sure it’s done right.