Education & Universities

Enriching The Learning Experience

From K-12 to Higher Education, AV Technology changes the face of instruction, allowing students improved learning conditions and greater access to information, teachers and lectures.

Broadcast IPTV Across Campus

Easy to deploy – deliver high quality broadcast to students with secure IP video – immediate video access on multiple viewing – encrypted multicast video to desktops and set-top boxes.

Lecture Capture

Expand the education experience with quality media content – capture real-time content for live and on-demand viewing – record broadcast content and classes for course reserve material – control viewer access with secure media management of broadcast, lectures and video libraries.

Connecting / Extending Classrooms

Extend the reach of teachers and lectures with IP video – provide seamless interactive communications – cloud-based trans coding to stream media content to the internet – video-on-demand environment for courses.

Digital Signage

Deliver integrated media communications across your campus – manage content and distribution centrally – distribute content within your website – integrate live video within digital signage.


Deliver media content for presentations and lectures – delivery pictures in high brightness and high resolution – variety of projectors for a variety of uses.