Meeting The Requirement For High Performance And Reliability

We present solutions for any audio visual need. From Digital Signage solutions to IP Video and Lecture Capture, we have a history of offering affordable custom solutions as well as free consultations. Our knowledge of how funding works and how to best respond to RFP and bids make it easier to provide the best products and solutions for your facilities.

HD Networking

High Performance HD Video Delivery – recording and content distribution – establish high performance video connections for monitoring and control – extend control room displays to remote facilities or desktops – distribute any HD video or computer source – full resolution full frame rate.

Digital Signage

Deliver integrated media communications – manage content and distribution centrally – distribute content within your website – integrate live video within digital signage to enhance communication and collaboration.

Government IPTV

Deliver Broadcast and VoD Content Across Bases – deliver broadcast channels to public areas and barracks – record and distribute training material – deliver digital signage information easily over a centrally managed system – manage private HD channels for information and training.


Full Motion Video for ISR/Glass-to-Glass – deliver the lowest latency video from sensors and long range cameras – first and only JITC-compliant HD H.264 encoders (MISM L12) for airborne and ground applications – full KLV / CoT metadata compliance – deliver any video feed to multiple devices at any bitrate – deliver high performance metadata compliant transcoding solutions.


Deliver media content for presentations and lectures – delivery pictures in high brightness and high resolution – variety of projectors for a variety of uses.