AV Installation

We offer certified Installation services for all our products and solutions for commercial, educational facilities and all business types. We also offer AV equipment maintenance, troubleshooting, and system upgrades.

Our technical team specialize in AV systems installation and are industry trained and certified to implement solutions and overcome technical challenges.

Some examples of our Installation services include:

Projector Installation Services

for ceiling or wall mounted projectors. We also install projectors mounted in lifts to drop down from the ceiling and screens. We install projectors in the boardroom, courtroom, classroom and more.

Video Conferencing Installation

for your conference or boardroom. Our certified installers provide a smooth, custom install from set-up to project finish.

Video Displays & Digital Signage Installation

for every organization from Schools and Universities to large Corporations with visually stunning results making a lasting impression.

Shared Storage Installation

for your business, medical facility/hospital, government office and any other kind of business will enable you and other users to simultaneously access files, tag, find and manage data.

Event Set-Up & Installation Services

will give you the automation and control systems you need to make your live event succeed. We give you customization and affordable control and connectivity solutions in the, trade show or other event.

Lecture Capture & Webcast System Installation

or our wide range of lecture capture products such as, N-Cast, Panopto, Camtasia Relay and the HIPAA Certified Haivision Viper as well as a variety of encoders.

Home Theater Installation

will give you the perfect movie theater experience.

We also offer various other types of installation services for your custom solution. Call us for questions or more details.