Cafe Rio

February 12th, 2015

Cafe Rio










Cafe Rio


Cafe_Rio_Logo[1]The Need

Full integrated office with audio video. Moving to a new location for their corporate office and needed conference rooms and offices and training rooms. We met with them and came up with a full solution for each room. Need custom installation services, coordinated on them during the build-out for their new corporate headquarters on cabling placement, screen placement and multifunction training room.

The Solution and Outcome

Provided Consultation Services and solutions for their Training Facility and their Corporate Headquarters. Provided Video Conferencing Solutions, Outfitted Training room, a lot of control in terms of matrix. Very simple for them to use but custom from the ground up. So simple that not much training was needed. Beautiful, any input to go to any display. Multiple people plugged in to, Clear whiteboard to lay over a 70in screen, lots of digital signage throughout. Colaborate workspaces. Took a complicated situation. DIRT wall. Can handle and do room scheduling for all.




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