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We provide easy to adopt solutions for all video conferencing needs. 

Access your video conferencing with no help from your IT department. No late starts, no downtime. The right equipment integrated into your video conferencing platform makes all the difference. From video conferencing cameras, equipment and installation, to a simple, downloadable, video conferencing service. Easy to share screens and create invites. Allow your organization the freedom to reach team members from across town to across the world with the touch of a button. 

Improve and Enhance Communication with the Power of Video Conferencing

Be able to share screens instantly, record meetings, share documents, and speak face-to-face with individuals without delay. Change the way you do business and increase your communication capabilities in your conference, boardroom, and huddle rooms. Or use on any device.

Zoom Rooms Video Conferencing

Zoom Rooms. A better cloud platform for your Video Conferencing.

  • Integrate with your Google Calendar 
  • Easy to schedule meetings
  • Touch controls on any device
  • Easy Screen Sharing
  • High Quality
  • Secure
  • Reliable

Use in your office and tie in your conference, boardroom, and huddle rooms.

Affordable. Easy to schedule, record, or connect to any other Video Conferencing System from any brand. 

Call us to demo and experience the quality video and ease of use.

Zoom Rooms Plug and Play Option -The EP65 Problem Solution

AVer EP65

We are excited to talk about the AVer EP65 Zoom Rooms Plug and Play option – the problem solution for video conferencing. So many of us experience the difficult situation of integrating video conferencing equipment and service/software. That’s why we are overjoyed that the AVer EP 65 Plug and Play problem solution is now available. This option is designed specifically for ease of use for no-hassle set-up.

Literally, Plugin and Play

The EP65 is an all-in-one display for business, designed to take all the guesswork out of setting up video conferencing in your office, huddle rooms, and conference rooms. It makes collaboration more efficient and effective. Integrated with Zoom Rooms software, the integrated flat panel allows for out-of-the-box annotations with 20 points of touch and multiple users. There is nothing additional to install so it’s easy to connect to live video with one touch and share ideas face to face across all devices immediately.

Zoom Rooms Integration

Zoom software is already integrated, so Installation is very easy. The same as mounting a flat panel television with a single power cable. Just take it out of the box, mount to a cart or on a wall – we recommend one other person to help you lift it – and plug it in. just like that, it’s ready to use. For ease of management and minimal maintenance, the EP65 features a high-powered Windows IoT pluggable PC module.

Camera and Audio

There is an embedded 4K video conference camera making sharing ideas face to face easy. You can see who you’re speaking to with clarity and no delay. The EP65 Zoom Rooms Plug and Play problem solution also feature a built-in far-field 13-element microphone array with beam-forming (without DSP) for excellent audio.

Cloud-Based Recording

The optional cloud-based recording is a wonderful EP65 feature making it easy to keep track of and collaborate during and after meetings. One-touch recording and whiteboard sharing synchronized across multiple tablets, laptops and the web making it easy to access all information.

Touch-Screen Whiteboard

The EP65 features and incredibly responsive touch-screen whiteboard which allows you to interact with other meeting participants, take notes, brainstorm, comment on a shared screen or use split-screen multitasking to keep everyone on the same page.

Zoom Rooms plug and play option the EP65 is truly a problem solution, answering the need for video conferencing equipment and video calls software in one unique device. Here is a quick list of features.

  • Easy Installation
  • Sharp Video
  • Clear Audio
  • Seamless Integration
  • Cloud Recording
  • White Board Sharing
  • Digital Signage
  • Screen Sharing

Tested and Evaluated

The AVer EP65 was put through the Frost & Sullivan Analyst Gauntlet, a structured program wherein participating vendors and service providers give industry analysts long demonstrations and feedback of their collaboration solution. Here’s what they had to say about their experience and evaluation.

“AVer EP65 is truly plug and play for users, offering a range of collaboration capabilities both in and outside of Zoom meetings. The sturdy, anti-glare, anti-fingerprint touchscreen glass feels natural and comfortable when using whiteboard features with fingers or the pen. Multiple people may also annotate simultaneously. Embedded Zoom Rooms software provides a similar look and feel across desktop, browser, mobile and room-based clients, which helps reduce training requirements and support tickets as well as drives utilization of in-room collaboration technology investments such as the EP65. Outstanding audio and video quality and adjustability further enhance the meeting room experience where it is deployed. As a modular system, the EP65 can support a variety of use cases, user preferences and environments spanning collaboration sessions with distributed or local-only participants, single or dual screen, and support for a variety of external components.”

For more information on the EP65 and downloadable brochures, please visit AVer’s website here.

For information on how to order, call us at 801-999-8552 or contact us here.

Zoom Room Amazing Audio Options

Simple Solution

Larger Zoom Rooms have always had difficulties in the past. Hearing and being heard regardless of where team members are in the room has been a challenge. Getting professional audio and microphone systems installed and calibration set up could add up costs and easily take to room offline for a time. Fortunately, there is a better way with Philm Gear’s Zoom Room amazing audio options.

A Better Way

Philm Gear Audio Solutions is your new answer to large room video conferencing audio. This new audio technology fills a space so you get true full-room pickup. Simple installation and calibration make downtime for the room negligible. Your team is up and running with a fully functioning, easy to hear and be heard, even if moving around the room, audio and microphone system.

  • Simple Installation: Our audio systems can be installed in less than an hour. Use with Zoom or any Video Conferencing platform. There are no drivers to install.
  • Auto-Calibration: No required initial and ongoing calibration. Once installed, calibration is automatic.
  • Room Manager: You may choose to customize your audio and input settings and keep your system current with automatic updates.

One of Philm Gear’s solutions is the HDL300. How the HDL300 system works is with Microphone Mist technology, an entirely new approach to audio conferencing, which fills the room with thousands of virtual microphones. For the first time, meeting participants can be heard no matter where they move in the room or which direction they face.

This option is only available with the HDL300 system, which includes a microphone array and speakers in a unit that can be hung on the wall anywhere in a meeting room, which is a new approach to meeting room microphones.

The HDL300’s advanced system processing capability, which can handle 15,000 MIPS (millions of instructions per second), allows the system to process sound from all of its virtual mics in real time. It focuses on the cleanest sound sources, without gating or clipping, and optimizes them for distortion-free, natural-sounding conversations. This mitigates the problems of dead zones and limited range. The result is an excellent experience for remote participants.

The HDL300 is designed for small to mid-sized rooms up to 30′ x 30′ (9.14 x 9.14 m). The Dual HDL300 can accommodate large rooms up to 30′ x 50′ (9.14 x 15.24 m). Both are designed to facilitate active collaboration where meeting participants move freely about the room to engage with other team members and interact with displays. Simple installation requires less down time for the room.

Calibration and maintenance for changes in room or number and movement of participants is automatic. Firmware updates are also automatic through the included an audio manager. Little or no maintenance is required.

These wall-mounted units are inconspicuous and professional looking for pleasing esthetics.

Virtual microphone technology also solves “problem rooms.” Reactive surfaces, HVAC, movable furniture and dead zones are problem room ingredients that can confound conventional systems. Virtual microphone technology allows the HDL300 system to focus on the highest processing gain value (typically a person talking) and intelligently presents background sounds proportionately to the desired audio. Add in the system’s high-quality stereo speakers, and the result is a premium audio experience.

Video conferencing has become commonplace and is a key component on how businesses with multiple locations stay connected. Even more commonplace, however, is problems with microphones and audio. But this doesn’t need to be the case. Let us help you get the best quality audio to finally be able to hear and be heard clearly.