Odyssey7Q-Plus-Intro-SSD-Promo-FEB15The Odyssey 7Q+ by Convergent Design can lay claim to being the industries best monitor/recorder and right now is the best time to acquire the Odyssey 7Q+ with this limited time special offer for the Odyssey 7Q+:

Get 512GB of Odyssey SSD Media free with purchase of an Odyssey 7Q+ for 2295.00.

The most capable, most versatile, most advanced monitor/recorder available. The Odyssey7Q+ can record RAW (with Record Options), uncompressed DPX, and Apple ProRes 422 (HQ). It can record HD/2K/UHD/4K and records them via SDI and HDMI.

Also, get new features and functionality for the Odyssey 7, Odyssey 7Q and Odyssey 7Q+ with these firmware updates:



The Odyssey7Q+ has a 7.7” OLED screen with 1280×800 resolution. The OLED display provides accurate colors. Includes the latest image analysis tools; a waveform (luma or RGB parade), a histogram (luma or RGB parade), Pixel Zoom with finger drag, programmable False Color, a three-mode Focus Assist, zebra,  and LUTs. The included LUTs provide proper viewing of the LOG and RAW modes available from numerous popular cameras, with programmable LUTs coming in the future. These tools are controlled by the easy to use touch-screen interface and are available to view on the OLED or optionally on the SDI and HDMI video outputs of the Odyssey7Q+.


The Odyssey7Q+ is able to record more formats and signal types than any other recorder in the world. Included in the Odyssey7Q+ is Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) recording in HD/2K up to 60p and UHD/4K up to 30p. Also included is Uncompressed DPX video recording in HD/2K in 10/12-bit up to 60p. Record Options available for purchase and/or rent. Canon Cinema RAW (C500) Sony FS RAW (FS7/FS700 and POV RAW (IO Industries, Indiecam). FS RAW and Canon Cinema RAW also feature the ability to convert RAW signals into video and recording in Apple ProRes 422 (HQ). Additional recording formats will be continue to beadded via firmware updates. Odyssey SSDs, available in 256G, 512G and 1TB sizes. Two SSD slots allow for extended record times and high data-load recording.


All formats are available for immediate playback directly on the Odyssey7Q+. Full deck controls or tablet-style touch-screen scrubbing through clips makes playback quick and easy. On ProRes files, clip markers are available to quickly pinpoint important material. Image Analysis Tools are also available in Play Mode.

Multi-Stream Monitoring

View up to four HD video signals at once as a quad-split screen, or live-switch between inputs. Great for multi-camera shoots and internet streamed productions. Future Record Options will allow recording of four separate simultaneous Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) files, including a live-switch file and an edit decision list (EDL) in an XML file.


Use Odyssey7Q+ as a monitor today on any modern camera. Add an Odyssey SSD and the Odyssey7Q+ is ready to record. When shooting with a RAW output camera, Record Options can be purchased off the website at any time. Firmware updates continue to expand and refine the capabilities of the Odyssey7Q+

Versatile AND Affordable

The same price as comparable OLED monitors in the market today, at US list $2295 the Odyssey7Q+ is the best on-camera monitor in the industry, PLUS it’s the most capable and versatile recorder available.

Smart Design – Light Weight – Low Power

Clever design and a magnesium alloy case keeps the Odyssey7Q+ to just over 1lb (560g). The Odyssey7Q+ consumes 8-19W depending on mode, can run on anything from 6.5-34v, and has no fans or venting to make noise or let in the elements.

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