Presentation on Asset Management – Shared Storage – Archival

Presentation on Asset Management – Shared Storage – Archival

Philip Boyack will be presenting the LDS Film Festival this Saturday. He will talk about the benefits of good asset management, shared storage, and archival. In the digital age where all media assets reside on hard drives, filmmakers need a better way to find, access, share, edit, and archive their footage. Philip will discuss in detail how to do it right.

Here is an overview of what Philip will talk about.

Asset Management – An example: Someone asks you for that one clip… Oh yeah, we shot that during X project and has to be on that one drive in that folder named… hmm let me look.

Instead, they could type in the search…President Sally Beach X Project and the sought after clip automatically comes up; and/or production notes and/or XLS files and/or Picture.  All metadata being harvested, and auto tags being created or easily added.

Philip will also talk about the speed of Shared Storage for multiple editors. Philip will explain the different ways of doing it and why.

Last but always Least – Archival. We always hope we back things up. Or think we do. Or just … don’t. We should. Hard drives fail. Not a matter of if, but When. See how we can tie asset management to archival. Knowing precisely where that file is and pull off that one single clip in minutes if ever needs be.

Time: Saturday, January 26, 4:00 pm, Scera Room 201

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