The Digital Signage Solution

Haivision’s CoolSign™ is truly the solution for any digital signage need, from small deployments to sophisticated multi-screen displays to global networks. CoolSign has lead the way of digital signage technology including full edge device monitoring and control, n-tier architecture, real-time connectivity,  native multicasting support, flexible media scheduling, closed data architecture, bandwidth usage controls, and many others. Additionally, CoolSign’s management user interface (UI) is frequently cited as being one of the best in the industry; providing

Video Conferencing with Radvision Scopia Desktop

Amazing quality to tie to Polycom, Tandberg Cisco, and Lifesize.  Easlily integrate with existing bridges or add more.  Also Desktop and iPad apps that work better than the rest.    

Asset Management – Shared Storage – Archival

We have had great success implementing asset management, shared storage and archival items with Production companies, Schools and Corporations alike. Within an organization you have multiple departments shooting organizing and storing digital assets like pictures, videos, notes and other documents. Let us know how we can help you. See demo video below: