ProMAX Launches New Platform Series 4 Workflow Servers

ProMAX Launches New Platform Series 4 Workflow Servers

Nearline-front-tiltProMAX Systems, the manufacturer of Platform workflow servers, high-performance ONE workstations and Cache-A archival appliances, has released the ProMAX Platform Series 4, its latest and most advanced workflow servers for video professionals. The new Series 4 servers include powerful asset management features as well as a built in transcoding engine and an elegant new web interface that enables access to the system from anywhere on the network and delivers a superior collaborative production experience for video workgroups. Available with Series 4 are new high-performance storage modules with capacity up to 96TB per chassis. These “Extreme” shared storage modules deliver 2x the video streaming performance of standard Platform modules and enable full resolution 4K editing, up to 10 total streams of ProRes Ultra HD.

Platform Series 4 servers have been engineered to improve collaborative video workflows. Key to this design are new media asset management features accessible from within the web interface. These features include ingest with automated proxy generation, custom metadata tagging, search and preview. So critical to content creation, these asset management functions are included in Platform Series 4 and require no additional licensing fees. A new transcode engine has been built into Series 4 servers to power media conversion for ingest and delivery and is capable of handling multiple transcode jobs in sequence. Transcode capabilities can be optionally upgraded enabling support for up to 24 simultaneous tasks.

All media assets and features are easily accessed and managed through an elegant web-based interface, new to Platform Series 4. More than any other system in its class, Platform delivers a superior user experience for video production by presenting content and controls in an intuitive and fluid design. Users and System Administrators can now access Platform content and control the servers from any workstation on the network, Mac or PC. Platform’s indexing system makes it easier than ever to search for and retrieve digital assets, and new feature permissions give administrators a higher level of control over system access.

Addressing the needs of 4K workflows, Series 4 provides new high-performance and high capacity shared storage modules. The “SHARE Extreme” module is the first true shared storage solution for workgroups editing in full resolution 4K. SHARE Extreme delivers double the streaming performance of Platform standard storage modules and enables full res 4K editing for up to 5 users or a total of 10 concurrent streams of 4K ProRes 422 UltraHD. Platform Series 4 boasts a huge increase in storage capacity, up to 96TB per Online server (in just 3RU of rack space) and up to 216TB per Nearline server (in just 4RU of rack space).

Now available for the Platform product line is a new ENTERPRISE module designed to deliver a higher level of uptime assurance, integration and redundancy for larger organizations. The new module features support for integration with an existing Active Directory, multi-node licensing, failover/clustering and replication as well as optional 24/7 support positioning Platform Series 4 as a robust and trusted solution for Enterprise.

Announcing the Platform Series 4 launch, ProMAX CEO, Jess Hartmann remarked “Platform Series 4 demonstrates the next step on our journey to offer the most efficient and capable workflow servers to content creators around the world.”

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