Utah Sound Masking

Utah Sound Masking Utah Sound Masking is a great way to increase privacy in any workplace that features an open layout design. Many modern office spaces are designed with the intent of increasing collaboration and workflow by allowing each team member easy access to one another. The only drawback, sound travels, so you can easily overhear each other’s conversations. Sound Waves Sound is a wave that spreads out in all directions from a source. Walls
AVer EP65 We are excited to talk about the AVer EP65 Zoom Rooms Plug and Play option – the problem solution for video conferencing. So many of us experience the difficult situation of integrating video conferencing equipment and service/software. That’s why we are overjoyed that the AVer EP 65 Plug and Play problem solution is now available. This option is designed specifically for ease of use for no-hassle set-up. Literally, Plugin and Play The EP65

Huddle Rooms

Guest Post by Amie Fipps Huddle rooms are becoming the β€œit” meeting space for more and more companies using collaboration. Huddle rooms provide a more flexible approach to getting work done in a less formal environment, unlike the corporate atmosphere of an executive conference room. These little dynamos are great for taking care of serious business like webinars, sales presentations, job interviews, conferences with remote workers and more. Every meeting space, no matter how small,
Introduction: Philm Gear is a multi-media equipment supply and tech consultancy. We are founded on relationships and our belief that each client gets the attention they deserve to make purchasing AV equipment and services a straight-forward and simple experience. We offer personalized, guided research and customized solutions in affordable packages for all multi-media needs. We thrive on applying our knowledge and expertise in creative implementation, giving our clients technology that’s easy to use. The Client:
Contact us today! β†’ Progression in technology has produced some truly exciting changes in streaming. We are now able to generate Live Event Streaming with Multi-Language Subtitling! Our streaming solution generates multi-language subtitles for streaming video content in REAL-TIME. This is an extraordinary way to seamlessly reach audiences of all cultures, backgrounds, and locations around the world. We improve the reach and access of your live video streaming content by exposing your content to a