Zoom Room Video Conferencing

April 16th, 2019

It’s easy to say that Zoom Room Video Conferencing is unparalleled in usability and reliability. And that’s not just bragging. Zoom is the winner of the 2019 Frost and Sullivan Global Video Conferencing Company of the Year and Best Practices Award.  Zoom is a leader in providing cloud-based meeting solutions. They enable quick adoption of meeting capabilities that make it easy to start, join, and collaborate across any device. This cloud-based video conferencing truly allows for real-time messaging and content sharing, providing a software-based, flawless video, integrated audio, and wireless content sharing. There are a few other services out there that seem to offer similar options, but none that can claim true success in meeting such promises.

Great Advantages

The capabilities of Zoom’s solutions are scalable and help you address the problems of today while still provided opportunities for tomorrow.

The set-up is simple and flexible. It’s easy to “build” your own room with your look and brand with the hardware you prefer on top of Zoom’s cloud-based platform.

Zoom focuses on delivering compelling, simple-to-use technology so that you have happy and productive users.

We shouldn’t forget to mention that Zoom Room is incredibly affordable. Starting at 499.00 per room, per year.

Here’s What Zoom Does

Zoom Room Video Conferencing brings high-quality video, audio, and web conferencing to your existing rooms giving you both HD video and audio. You can meet remotely with anyone while participants use their desktop, mobile, or other conference room systems. Use one-touch to start meetings leveraging native integrations with Cisco and Polycom through your preferred calendaring system.

You are able to lose the cords and cables allowing you to present content wirelessly from your laptop or mobile device, from ANY device. Zoom also provides centralized management, giving you an overview status of deployed conference rooms in a single admin console.

Zoom is compatible with any existing SIP or H.323 systems. So if you already have a great video conferencing equipment setup, you can use Zoom without having to make any major changes.

Use Zoom’s Conference Room Connector to extend your standards-based conference systems to the cloud. Zoom’s Conference Room Connector helps organizations leverage existing products through its lifecycle while delivering a consistent and unified communication experience.

Enable SIP or H.323 room systems to communicate with desktop, tablet, mobile devices, Zoom Rooms, and other SIP or H.323 endpoint.

As a Video Conferencing Solution, Zoom Room provides a truly compelling cloud-based service, making daily use for our clients a breeze. We’ve been pleased with Zoom’s performance. Demos are free and can be easily set-up through our contact page or by calling 801-999-8552.