Crestron® Interface for Apple® iPod® with Video Review

Crestron® Interface for Apple® iPod® with Video Review

cen-idocvThe next generation Crestron® interface and control solution for your personal media player. Syncs to iTunes® over Ethernet, allows sharing of audio and video throughout an entire home or office AV system, and enables enhanced control from touch screens, keypads, remotes, and computers.

The CEN-IDOCV provides an extraordinary interface and control solution for your personal media player. The compact and stylish docking station can be placed anywhere, on a shelf or on a kitchen counter, or other convenient location, while the interface module gets mounted neatly out of site nearby. This solution affords a very clean, clutter-free appearance with just one small wire visible.

The interface module provides audio, video, USB, and high-speed Ethernet connectivity for full integration with a Crestron® whole-house AV system. Crestron uses the latest Apple® authentication chip in the CEN-IDOCV, enabling high speed music library browsing and compatibility with the latest Apple products and features. The chip supports 6th generation (and later) iPod® classic®, and any iPod nano® or iPod touch®.

cen-idoc-dsEasy Docking
Simply placing the iPod into the docking station. This instantly connects it for sharing with speakers and video monitors throughout the home or office.

Touch Screen Control
Integrating the iPod with a Crestron system enables full control and navigation using touch screens, APADs, keypads, computers, and handheld remotes. From any touch screen, you can search the entire iPod library by genre, artist, album and track, and even view album cover art.

Sync to iTunes® over Ethernet
Using USB-over-IP technology and Crestron Sync, the CEN-IDOCV allows the iPod to connect with any networked computer running Apple iTunes software right from the docking station. Syncing the iPod to iTunes works the same as if it were hooked up with a USB cable, affording full capabilities for organizing and transferring music and video files, podcasts, audio books, and playlists anytime you want.

Key Features

  • “Made for iPod®” AV and control interface
  • Connects to the iPod via multi-pin cable or stylish docking station
  • Enables full 2-way touch screen control of the iPod
  • Displays metadata and album cover art
  • Plays audio throughout the home or office
  • Includes Crestron Home® CAT5 Balanced AV connectivity
  • Allows viewing of video files on a video touch screen or display
  • Syncs to iTunes® over Ethernet
  • Charges the iPod battery
  • PoE network powered
  • Affords plug-and-play integration with Adagio® systems
  • Compatible with iPod classic® (6th gen or later), iPod nano® and iPod touch®
  • Docking station available in white or black