What Is AVaaS?

Audio Video for the workplace is now offered as a subscription-based model. Instead of purchasing, managing, and maintaining your own Audio Video systems, you achieve the same AV utilization with 24/7 service and maintenance, getting your Audio Video Systems “as a service.” Philm Gear Audio Video as a service (AVaaS) provides speed, performance, security, easy user management, and access to all apps on any device.

The modern workplace demands audiovisual technology, and it doesn’t come cheap. Above and beyond the hardware costs, ownership also requires figuring out which “IT guy” will be responsible for it functioning successfully. A recent study by Harvard Business Review and WareHouse Research shows that 90% of all meetings are started 12 minutes late, usually as the result of technical difficulty, user error, or other issues we are now eliminating.

Our clients are pleased with how easy it is to adopt our AV Solutions for every user.


No More Late Conference Calls, Complicated Equipment. No More IT.

  • A true service as an operating expense (tax benefits)
  • Hardware does not become a company asset (tax benefits)
  • Save on your business and property taxes
  • Lower cost upfront
  • No expense to update technology (set costs include technology refresh)
  • No additional expense for service (set cost includes warranty and repair)
  • No need to budget for future upgrades (upgrades are included)
  • No additional expense for user training, implementation or tech support
  • No need for your IT staff to work on “fixes” for the AV
  • Not on the balance sheet
  • CFO writes one check
  • End-user training and adoption help

AVaaS Includes:

  • Flexible service models
  • All equipment
  • Design and installation
  • Video conferencing license
  • Firmware and software updates
  • Patches included
  • End-user training and adoption help

You get to focus on what your company does best. Your staff focuses on what is profitable for your company and not on AV equipment support.

You’re not touching this equipment, not upgrading, not troubleshooting. The health of your system is always being monitored, with no involvement from your IT department. We focus on true user implementation and ease-of-use.

Additionally, new and often game-changing technology emerges faster and faster, shortening the refresh cycle and increasing your investment. It’s hard to keep up with any sense of confidence, until now. You pick the equipment and service package. The one that works best for you and your space – managed, monitored, and supported 24/7.

AVaaS Pricing

All packages are customized and can include a combination of some or all of the following equipment: video conferencing, wireless presenter, large display, control system, multiple microphones, projector, dedicated PC and tablets, etc. Choose between PhilmSure Gold and PhilmSure Platinum Warranties. All packages include design, installation, support, and service.

Huddle Space (3-6 people) 
Up to 2500 per year
or 110 per month

Small to Medium-Sized Conference Room (6-10 people)
up to 15,000 per year
400 per month

Classroom or Large Conference/Board Room (12-25 people)
up to 40,000 per year
or up to 1,500 per month

PhilmSure Warranties:

PhilmSure Gold

Philm Gear NOC is on standby. Quarterly updates and system checks. If you have a big meeting, we can verify the system the day before ensure all is working well and ready to go.

PhilmSure Platinum

PhilmSure Platinum includes all of Gold plus: full equipment warranty. If something is not working and needs to be repaired or replaced, Philm Gear does this all for you at no cost to you.

Philm Gear NOC is on standby. Quarterly updates and system checks. If you have a big meeting, we can verify the system the day before ensure all is working well and ready to go.

Example Package from a Client
Package Total $201,000
PhilmSure Warranty – Includes:

  • AV Technicians available to all end-users
  • Platform to monitor and connect with
  • Call, video call, remote in
  • Onsite same day

Philm Gear AVaaS $6673