Viper_AG_v11_01 17The Haivision Viper is the all-in-one capture, stream, record, and on-demand viewing appliance. The Viper is a compact, completely integrated platform for capturing, streaming, reviewing, distributing and publishing rich, multi-stream high definition content. The Viper is available either as a stand-alone appliance or as a companion contribution appliance for the Furnace IP video distribution system. The Viper combines the power of dual-channel real-time HD H.264 encoding, performance recording, a streaming server, a multi- stream player manager, and a video-on-demand server in a single appliance with simple touch operation.

The Viper has one-touch setup and is incredibly easy to use. Without the need to rely on any central server infrastructure and without any endpoint player to install or specific browser technology required, a single operator can deliver multiple streams of HD throughout a facility or across a campus with a few simple taps on the Viper’s touchscreen. A simple link is all you need to securely enable any user with real-time, multi-stream live or on-demand synchronized HD. The Viper offers users the ability to set up multichannel sessions for performance streaming and recording, and automatically make content available from a central server for on-demand viewing (VOD). Through a simple, user-friendly touch screen operators can set up their multi-channel session, initiate simultaneous streaming and recording, and automatically make content available for on-demand viewing.

Haivision_Viper ReviewAnother benefit is that the Viper can capture graphics through VGA/DVI, which means that any computer content can be captured in real-time, not just PowerPoint. It is the perfect device for corporate presentations, classrooms, medical procedures, and any other event that you need to stream or capture. Haivision’s Viper is also HIPAA Certified and complies with HIPAA security and guidelines. The Viper is the only lecture capture product to be HIPAA certified. The Viper is ideal for the conference room, classroom, and medical procedure room.

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