ShadowSense is the future of touch technology.

Baanto ShadowSense based touchscreens deliver innovative, high performance multi-touch capabilities for displays. This is the perfect multi-touch solution for digital out-of-home (DOOH) and large format interactive applications.

Touch Screen Systems and Frames

Baanto has developed a range of ShadowSense touch devices for a variety of industries such as healthcare, corporations and education to name a few. These touch screens vary in size and can be customized to suit your unique requirements.

The behavior of these touch screens, regardless of their size, can be customized thanks to the Baanto Dashboard and allows you to do a number of things such as:

  • Set the size of an object that can register a touch event
  • Adjust the sensitivity of the screen to accept touches from soft objects like paintbrushes or ignore hard objects like coins or credit cards
  • Use frequency of impact and dwell time to determine whether or not to register the touch of a particular object on the screen

This unique feature is currently not available in competing products.

The ability to accept input from different objects, like gloved hands or wet fingers, and the way they can scale up while keeping performance levels consistently high, make them extremely versatile.

Baanto ShadowSense Screens

ShadowSense products are divided into four categories depending on size.

Midsized Frames

Medium-Sized-Touch-ScreensThe E-Series Open Frame from Baanto uses ShadowSense technology in the range of 8’’ to 22” touch screens. These medium sized touch screen come in aspect ratios of 4:3, 5:4, 16:9 and 16:10 and are perfect for kiosks, gaming booths, ATMs and industrial control and monitoring terminals.

Large Format Frames

These Large Format multi touch solutions range in size from 32” to 85”. They are perfect for Digital out of Home (DOOH) and large format interactive applications. Large touch screens are supported by major operating systems including Android and are perfect for digital walls and other forms of interactive signage.

Large-Format-Touch-Screens-and-displays3Teamboard T4

Teamboard T4 touch screen looks exactly like a regular whiteboard except it’s built with ShadowSense technology. It is simple to set up and offers an intuitive learning experience that mimics the functionality of a physical whiteboard, right down to accepting inputs with physical erasers.

Christie Interactivity Kit

Christie-Interactivity-KitThe Christie® Interactivity Kit is a complete solution that gives you the creative flexibility to incorporate multipoint touch interactivity into your large-format digital display.

Multi-Touch Interactivity in an Easy Kit!

Designed in pieces that fit perfectly around Christie MicroTiles, the Christie Interactivity Kit can be configured into 84 different sizes. This modular kit can accommodate practically any large-format display, from a 3×1 up to a 16×6  Christie MicroTiles array, or a 12 square meter video wall.

LargeFormat_closeup-300x175Setting up interactivity for large-format digital displays can be a custom design process that’s complex, expensive, slow and cumbersome. Sometimes the touch technology doesn’t offer the desired level of performance in terms of the number, accuracy or responsiveness of touch points.

The Christie Interactivity Kit changes all of that. Complexity and reliability aren’t a concern anymore. Now you have the technology to create a unique and engaging interactive experience with a touchscreen, large-format display.

Breakthrough Technology… Out of the Box

This easy-to-use, field-installable kit simply attaches around the perimeter of any large arrayed display and plugs into your computer’s USB port – without any need for drivers. No manual calibration of sensors or cameras is required.

Windows 7 automatically recognizes the Christie Interactivity Kit’s software as a multi-touch device, making set up extra easy.

Using groundbreaking Baanto ShadowSense technology, the Christie Interactivity Kit lets multiple users interact simultaneously with a rectangular video wall, with the resolution and speed needed to support finger-based gestures such as flicking, pinching, rotating and scrolling, and reliable, accurate behavior you can count on.


  • Fully modular and reconfigurable
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Automatic detection of array size (e.g. 3×1, 6×4, etc.)
  • No alignment or calibration of sensors required
  • No glass or special stylus required
  • No driver or PC-based algorithms required
  • User-configurable limits for touch size, opacity and duration to filter out unwanted touch events
  • Dashboard software for configuration and diagnostics

ShadowSense  requires no drivers or touch detection applications running on the host CPU, making this technology an outstanding solution for cost sensitive applications using low power CPU’s and media players.

Contact us and let us know how we can help set up your Baanto ShadowSense.