Platform is a Shared Storage server designed for Video Production and other purposes. Platform has a Zero-Latency Packet-Lossless protocol with the Platform software layer that enable video performance.  This allows you the stream, write and edit directly from the server. This is very similar to how the Avid ISIS works.


There are several software and hardware packages to work with several industry standard solutions such as:

  • Asset Management
  • Rendering
  • Transcoding
  • Archiving
  • Data Management

Why Choose Platform?

  1. Platform provides the ability to scale workflows  (the ability to add the various modules).
  2. Platform offers a true simplicity of use, most users connect strongly with the ease of use of the management and client interface design.
  3. Platform provides a higher level of IT integration features, traditionally only found in enterprise solutions.
  4. Platform usually has a strong price advantage (Generally in the US market 20-40% less expensive to end users than competitive products).

Scalability and Performance

File System Features

  • Multi User write file system
  • File Level Permissions
  • No user licensing costs
  • Non-video users can connect over standard network protocols (SMB, AFP, etc.)
  • Client Apps for Mac & Windows
  • Support for Linux end users

Storage Management Features

  • Grow & Shrink Volumes – Non-Destructive, on the fly.
  • Replication On-Site – Sync Data between two Platforms for maximized uptime
  • Replication Off-Site – Sync Data between two or more locations for ultimate protection
  • Data Moves/Copies – Platform can handle data movement with checksums to ensure your data is safe
  • Schedule Project Copies/Moves after hours for easier administration

Redundancy and Uptime Features

  • RAID 6 Protection lose multiple drives without data loss
  • Dual SSD OS Drives
  • Remote BIOS Login/USB Recovery Drive for quick remote support
  • Redundant/Hot Swap Power Supplies
  • Sync Multiple Platforms for redundancy

User Permission and Management Features

  • Create users or connect to an existing user database
  • Use Platform to host an Active Directory Domain for your facility
  • Maintain real time integration within an existing Active Directory
  • Control permissions through individual users or by groups for easy administration
  • Control bandwidth based on users or ports to ensure performance on your network where it’s needed
  • See locked files from other users to prevent file contention

Management Software

  • Simple interface
  • Manage & monitor your media
  • Performance Monitoring & Control
  • Control Permissions for individual users or groups

Manage multiple servers from one location.

A very useful shared storage solution. For questions or more information, please call 801-999-8552 or email us at info(at)