Web-based Video Conferencing

Web-based Video Conferencing

VidyoInAction_Mac_smNo software download needed! The easiest way to collaborate with your team regardless of location, web-based video conferencing offer significant advantages as well as a way to address the increasing difficultly of managing a widely dispersed workforce. A recent Frost & Sullivan survey showed that 75% of CXOs who say video conferencing is used extensively in their organizations find that it enhances employee mobility, collaboration and productivity across dispersed teams.

The survey also shows that the use of video conferencing is growing. With all the advantages, it’s easy to see why. The beauty is in the seamless simplicity of web-based video conferencing. Secure and reliable unlike widely known “free” services, no software download is needed making it quick and easy to use. The service also provides the option of custom skin for your company.

Companies using this service found that they had a better work-life balance, more engaged and productive meetings and improved recruiting and staff retention.

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