The Facilis Terrablock Server Review

The Facilis Terrablock Server Review

TX16HiResThe Facilis Terrablock server provides dependable shared storage for your post-production needs. From simple all-Ethernet to mixed Ethernet and Fibre, the TerraBlock is flexible and robust. Create your own facility production network around TerraBlock; add asset management and archive; allow write access to the same volumes on Ethernet and fibre connected workstations, or isolate the workgroup on fibre channel outside your IT environment.

Video production companies and others who need file-sharing and storage for massive files have found Facilis Terrablock incredibly useful. The server even comes with a back-up drive that can be installed to recreate and backup the failed drive. Here are some of the main benefits of the Facilis Terrablock server.

MULTI PLATFORM SHARED FILE SYSTEM: Apple OSX, Windows and Linux workstations access the same writable volume with no third party software or per seat licensing, external metadata controllers or complex networking.

4/8Gbit FIBRE AND 1/10Gbit ETHERNET: Choose the speed of access to your video and audio files with multiple methods of connectivity to suit your bandwidth needs and budget. Clients connect directly to the server or through a switch.

AVID, PREMIERE AND FINAL CUT PRO PROJECT SHARING: Native, application-level Avid Media Composer project sharing and interactive Final Cut Pro and Premiere project sharing through the Facilis Project Manager.

EXTERNAL EXPANDABILITY WITH TX16 DISK SET EXPANDER: TerraBlock offers external expansion through our TX16 Expander for additional online virtual volume storage. Expand a single 24D up to 112TB with for a fraction of the cost of traditional server-based expansion.

PRO TOOLS FILE-LEVEL SUPPORT: TerraBlock is qualified for 192 tracks of 48K playback over a standard 1Gb Ethernet connection. The Facilis Shared File system provides increased performance and compatibility for Pro Tools version 9 and higher.

DYNARAID DATA PROTECTION: TerraBlock delivers the most efficient data protection at 9% overhead for RAID5. Protection type is selectable per-volume and can be changed on the fly without data loss.

VIRTUAL VOLUME WORKFLOW AND PERFORMANCE: Virtual Volumes offer dynamic volume creation, expansion and allocation, as well as tolerance to fragmentation and speed degradation. Maintain 100% performance even at 100% full.

The image below illustrates how the Facilis Terrablock server can help enable a seamless workflow.