Simplify Your Conference or Boardroom AV

You have a presentation at two o’clock, a presentation you’ve been preparing for the past week. Everyone who needs to participate will be there and those who are traveling plan to participate via video conferencing. It’s a quarter till and you wander into the conference room to set up… Only nothing is working. You wonder, “Is this plugged in right? Isn’t this screen supposed to show my presentation? Am I following the training on how to use the video conferencing system right?” Maybe not, because nothing is working. Finally, exasperated, you give up and call IT. And hope that they can get everything up in the five minutes you have left before the presentation is due to start.

Does this situation sound familiar? Unfortunately, it’s a situation that many are all too familiar with. It happens all the time. The equipment which is supposed to assist in communication and collaboration is not working or the equipment is too complication to remember how to operate properly. And we are left, scrambling with precious little time to spare, hoping we can get our message out to our colleagues and collaborators with as little pain as possible.

But what if everything just WORKED? Right then – how it’s supposed to – with the touch of button. What if, you could also collaborate instantly, sharing your presentation with the group and any other information. No wires, no IT, no worries.

wePresent Wireless Presentation and Collaboration

Simplify your conference or boardroom AV using a wireless professional presentation system by wePresent that allows you to give a  wireless interactive presentation from your Windows or Mac. This system allows up to 64 users to collaborate from any computer, smartphone or tablet. Instantly share your presentation with the group. No more searching for cables, tripping on wires or calling your IT department. It’s a user-friendly wireless presentation collaboration solution.

Wireless Screen Sharing

wePresent is a cross platform solution that uses Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chromebook. The unit connects to any video display using VGA or HDMI connection, allowing to share the screen wirelessly from any device. Presentations are mirrored up to 30 frames per second in full 1080p HD resolution projection. The platform, when connected to your network, allows presentations from network computers and supports a pass-through internet connection.

There is also a built-in wireless access point. This provides additional WiFi for guest and meeting participants. Because this platform allows presentations through any existing network, it’s extremely fast and reliable.

Starting An Interactive Presentation Is Simple

Once the wePresent WiPG is connected to your local area network, your users simply connect to the network as usual. If the wePresent wireless access point is enabled, then your guests can simply connect to wePresent’s WiFi signal. Then just simply launch the wePresent software and start your wireless presentation.

Other ways to simplify or upgrade your conference or boardroom

  • SimiStock_000018938228Largeple video conferencing solutions – from equipment to hosted video conferencing
  • Video displays and interactive touchscreen technology
  • Touchscreen control systems
  • Room scheduling
  • Projectors
  • Digital signage
  • Shared storage and archival
  • Live event streaming

Free Consultation

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