Haivision’s Viper 2.0

Haivision’s Viper 2.0

newviperHaivision has released Viper version 2.0.

There are several important changes and new very key features:

·  Integration with Room Controllers and Other Third Party Devices: A new REST-based API and API Translator enable third party devices to control the Viper remotely, and allows for easy integration within room control systems Like Crestron and including Telnet-based systems. We have been waiting for this feature and are excited we can now control the Viper.

·  Haivision Video Cloud Integration and Content Export: Share your content with the world. Viper now features file export automation for local export and for publishing content to the Haivision Video Cloud.

·  Live Internet Streaming: Viper now supports RTMP so that you reach a broader audience over the Internet. The Viper can be used as a source encoder to a Flash Media Server or Akamai 1st Gen and HD2 enabled CDNs.

·  Guest Mode Option: Simplicity at the core. This optional new user profile eliminates the need for a PIN, username or password. Quick and easy access.

For more information and or a Demo please call 801.999.8552