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Capture Broadcast Signals

The Torpedo™ allows enterprises to deliver digital broadcast transmission onto IP networks without the need to re-encode video. The Torpedo is designed to capture free-to-air satellite and terrestrial digital broadcast signals in a compact, high density, DVB to IP gateway, making IPTV simple and affordable. A single Torpedo can support up to 15 content channels and rebroadcast as unicast or multicast IP video data streams.

Content Protection & Re-Encryption

The Torpedo offers a standard DVB-CI slot to allow decryption, decoding and streaming of pay TV content with a suitable Conditional Access Module (CAM) card and smartcard subscription license. When coupled with Haivision’s Furnace™ IP video system, organizations can adhere to content protection requirements by applying encryption for internal secure multicast IP video delivery.

Low-Cost IPTV

Deliver simple and affordable IPTV by combining InStream Amino and Amino set-top boxes throughout enterprises, schools, and stadiums. The InStream Amino firmware for the Amino AmiNET 140™ series set-top box displays video without the need for a middleware server for a very affordable IPTV solution. InStream Amino displays the electronic program guides (EPG) available directly from the Torpedo DVB gateways.

High Density

The Torpedo is available as a single compact appliance or as 6 DVB receivers in a single rack unit (RU) for extremely high density. With up to 15 live channels per blade, you can flip up to 90 channels in a single RU. The Torpedo can also co-exist in the same 6-slot or 21-slot chassis as Haivision Makito encoders and decoders, utilizing space efficiently for your complete video solution.


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