Haivision Stingray Set-Top Box

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Secure IPTV HD video

The Stingray™ set-top box (STB) is a compact appliance that delivers secure HD video content to displays for Haivision’s Furnace™ IPTV media systems. Easy to install, the Stingray set-top box includes central control, VoD with metadata, and desktop synchronization.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

With real-time software updates, the Stingray requires minimal maintenance and makes set-up easy. Settings, selected channel lineups, conditional access rights and electronic program guide data are immediately shared with set-top boxes over the network, with no manual installation needed.

Central Control

Stingrays deployed on a Furnace network can be controlled individually or in groups, either on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis. A group of Stingrays can be set to a particular channel for controlled HD digital signage, controlled locally by viewers using an IR remote, or they can be set to pre-established channels based on a fixed schedule. The Stingray also enables administrator controlled messaging with scrolling text overlays that can be scheduled, triggered ad-hoc, or even integrated with an Emergency Messaging System (EMS).

Live and VOD Content

The Stingray provides a complete management interface for selecting live or playback channels and viewing of VOD assets with HotMarks™ time-based metadata. Administrators can browse media assets quickly with bookmarks, and fast foward and rewind to view content.


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