How video conferencing is a business asset

45696173 - young woman videoconferencing with colleagues on computer at deskMany companies have satellite offices or remote workers. Video conferencing can allow you to connect with any of your team members. By seeing them face-to-face, you can improve communication. When you talk on the phone or over email, you lose a few important elements: body language and facial cues. But, as you know, it can be difficult at times – and also inconvenient – for everyone to meet in person. That’s where video conferencing comes into play. It allows anyone to meet and discuss, without losing important keys in effective communication. Plus, it helps the employees grow as a team because it fosters teamwork and discussion.

You can also save on travel expenses. Flights and hotel stays can get costly. But video conferencing allows an employee to do much of the work remotely. They can share screens, or even assist with a project. Plus, there is no delay, because you’re not waiting for the employee to arrive on site.

There are several solutions for video conferencing. If you’re ready to get started, you can contact us and we can help you choose a demo to try out. We offer anything from cameras, equipment, insulation, and a simple, downloadable service. We can also offer an affordable hosted solution. This option will allow 25 people to connect from any device from each virtual room.

Find out more by contacting us today. We’ll help you find the solution that works best for your business.

The 3Play Mini by NewTek

The 3Play Mini by NewTek

3Play.Mini.Snowboard.backpack-ipadNewTek™ unveiled the 3Play Mini––the world’s only sports production suite you can carry anywhere.

This lightweight portable device allows sports video producers to add professional quality slow motion, instant replay, sophisticated transition effects and a broad range of other integrated production capabilities to their shows without being constrained by space, location or cost.

Unlike expensive replay systems and stacks of complex components, 3Play Mini is powerful enough to drive your entire show, or plug into a switcher or video board and turn any production into amazing fan experiences that help attract big audiences, advertisers and sponsors. Anyone using up to four off-the-shelf HDMI cameras can produce multiple angle slow motion instant replays, edit highlights, roll stored video packages, create effects and transitions, publish to social media and much more.


3Play.Mini.baseballNowhere is the need to stand out more distinct than it is in sports. 3Play Mini can make any event look larger and more professional on screen while livening up boring scoreboard feeds. It can also be synched with a game clock and be used for official reviews. Sports producers are able to hand-carry and plug into one small suite of tools that is easy to access, set up, and create professional-looking, audience-engaging sports shows from anywhere. Beyond visually stunning replay and slow motion playback, 3Play Mini also offers breakthrough levels of sophistication and capability including:

• Extensive Replay and Review Capabilities—preview and playback any angle, or multiple angles of a recorded event to deliver the best viewing perspective for replay and official verification.

• Comprehensive Media Publishing—instantly and simultaneously publish content to multiple destinations, including Facebook and Twitter for greater visibility, as well as YouTube and other websites, dedicated FTP servers, second and third screen platforms.

• Beautiful Visuals—Include animated, warped visual transition effects for switching and inprogram editing such as transitions between replays, stingers, and overlays; create custom animations with included tools, or import your own branded graphic elements to make the show your own.

• Highlights Editing—Rapid, in-show editing and playlisting of NLE-ready assets with transitions, slow motions, nat sound and a sound track—play from system to scoreboards immediately, or export completed package and use in a post-game show.

• Tablet Operation—Cue, set playback speed, and manage replays with highly responsive browserbased control you can use on a tablet, to put all game controls right into your hands over the network—in very small spaces.

• Side-by-Side Playback—Replay the action from two synchronized angles simultaneously, on a single output channel using the DSK overlay. Position, scale and crop the camera angle assigned to the overlay for comprehensive, frame-by-frame analysis of the play under review.

• Game Clock Overlay—Synchronize the action to actual game time by dedicating a live camera to recording the game clock and assigning the angle to a DSK overlay.

• Automatic Color Matching—Overcome changing lighting conditions and camera variety in multi-camera sports productions with automatic color correction—and eliminate the need for manual adjustments or a dedicated shading station.

• Flexible Output—Send your slow motion, replay and highlights sequences to switcher, streaming encoder, scoreboard—even social media platforms—so fans can engage from anywhere.



For more information on this or other NewTek products call 801-999-8552 or email

DRACAST Products Now Available!

DRACAST Products Now Available!

DRACAST specializes in a wide range of LED studio lighting that brings forth user friendly preferred features. These products required by many studio photographers, videographers, professionals, and amateurs-alike are easy to operate and tailored for any budget.

Please contact us at 801-999-8552 for questions and ordering.

ProMax Workflow Performance

ProMax Workflow Performance

What is a workflow server?

This ProMax Workflow Performance server gives you key workflow performance including:

  • Asset Management
  • Rendering
  • Transcoding
  • Archiving
  • Data Management

Introducing ShadowSense by Baanto

Introducing ShadowSense by Baanto

ShadowSense is the future of touch technology.

Baanto ShadowSense based touchscreens deliver innovative, high performance multi-touch capabilities for displays. This is the perfect multi-touch solution for digital out-of-home (DOOH) and large format interactive applications.

Touch Screen Systems and Frames

Baanto has developed a range of ShadowSense touch devices for a variety of industries such as healthcare, corporations and education to name a few. These touch screens vary in size and can be customized to suit your unique requirements.

The behavior of these touch screens, regardless of their size, can be customized thanks to the Baanto Dashboard and allows you to do a number of things such as:

  • Set the size of an object that can register a touch event
  • Adjust the sensitivity of the screen to accept touches from soft objects like paintbrushes or ignore hard objects like coins or credit cards
  • Use frequency of impact and dwell time to determine whether or not to register the touch of a particular object on the screen

This unique feature is currently not available in competing products.

The ability to accept input from different objects, like gloved hands or wet fingers, and the way they can scale up while keeping performance levels consistently high, make them extremely versatile.

Baanto ShadowSense Screens

ShadowSense products are divided into four categories depending on size.

Midsized Frames

Medium-Sized-Touch-ScreensThe E-Series Open Frame from Baanto uses ShadowSense technology in the range of 8’’ to 22” touch screens. These medium sized touch screen come in aspect ratios of 4:3, 5:4, 16:9 and 16:10 and are perfect for kiosks, gaming booths, ATMs and industrial control and monitoring terminals.

Large Format Frames

These Large Format multi touch solutions range in size from 32” to 85”. They are perfect for Digital out of Home (DOOH) and large format interactive applications. Large touch screens are supported by major operating systems including Android and are perfect for digital walls and other forms of interactive signage.

Large-Format-Touch-Screens-and-displays3Teamboard T4

Teamboard T4 touch screen looks exactly like a regular whiteboard except it’s built with ShadowSense technology. It is simple to set up and offers an intuitive learning experience that mimics the functionality of a physical whiteboard, right down to accepting inputs with physical erasers.

Christie Interactivity Kit

Christie-Interactivity-KitThe Christie® Interactivity Kit is a complete solution that gives you the creative flexibility to incorporate multipoint touch interactivity into your large-format digital display.

Multi-Touch Interactivity in an Easy Kit!

Designed in pieces that fit perfectly around Christie MicroTiles, the Christie Interactivity Kit can be configured into 84 different sizes. This modular kit can accommodate practically any large-format display, from a 3×1 up to a 16×6  Christie MicroTiles array, or a 12 square meter video wall.

LargeFormat_closeup-300x175Setting up interactivity for large-format digital displays can be a custom design process that’s complex, expensive, slow and cumbersome. Sometimes the touch technology doesn’t offer the desired level of performance in terms of the number, accuracy or responsiveness of touch points.

The Christie Interactivity Kit changes all of that. Complexity and reliability aren’t a concern anymore. Now you have the technology to create a unique and engaging interactive experience with a touchscreen, large-format display.

Breakthrough Technology… Out of the Box

This easy-to-use, field-installable kit simply attaches around the perimeter of any large arrayed display and plugs into your computer’s USB port – without any need for drivers. No manual calibration of sensors or cameras is required.

Windows 7 automatically recognizes the Christie Interactivity Kit’s software as a multi-touch device, making set up extra easy.

Using groundbreaking Baanto ShadowSense technology, the Christie Interactivity Kit lets multiple users interact simultaneously with a rectangular video wall, with the resolution and speed needed to support finger-based gestures such as flicking, pinching, rotating and scrolling, and reliable, accurate behavior you can count on.


  • Fully modular and reconfigurable
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Automatic detection of array size (e.g. 3×1, 6×4, etc.)
  • No alignment or calibration of sensors required
  • No glass or special stylus required
  • No driver or PC-based algorithms required
  • User-configurable limits for touch size, opacity and duration to filter out unwanted touch events
  • Dashboard software for configuration and diagnostics

ShadowSense  requires no drivers or touch detection applications running on the host CPU, making this technology an outstanding solution for cost sensitive applications using low power CPU’s and media players.

Contact us and let us know how we can help set up your Baanto ShadowSense.